Second ONE FC win for PTT’s Thai MMA fighter Anatpong “MAK” Bunrad

Phuket Top Team’s Thai MMA Fighter – Anatpong “Mak” Bunrad won his second ONE FC fight  on 24th April in Manila against a top asian flyweight fighter Geje Eustaquiao, who failed to make weight, but ‘Mak’ has agreed to still fight.

3 hard rounds, with the striking coming off very even. The difference was the takedowns & clinch work for ‘Mak’.

Congratulations to Mak who worked hard on improving his skills and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Phuket & the whole team.


11068328_509252232549474_6751371777550091184_n 11173383_509252269216137_1874438139313716531_n

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