PTT’s MMA fighter Moise ‘Swamp’ Rimbon

Moise ‘Swamp’ Rimbon is doing his best at MMA and BJJ training camp in Thailand.

The No.1 ranked Middleweight in South East Asia.
The No.2 ranked Middleweight in Canada.
The No.3 ranked Middleweight in Korea (the other 2 are UFC signed).
Top 100 ranked Middleweight in the world.

Knockout win over UFC’s Anthony Perosh, Submission win over Bellator’s Peter Graham, submission win over PridFC legend Roman Zentsov.

8 of his last 9 fight were wins with 1 terrible decision causing a loss.

Moise has consistently called out the best Middleweights in OneFC, RoadFC, WSOF, Bellator, RebelFC and beyond.
There seems to be a lot of running going on in Asian MMA

Always ready to take on the best & entertain!
17 of his 22 wins ending via KO or Submission.

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