3 month intensive ‪BJJ from White to Blue Belt program

The 3 month intensive ‪Brazilian Jiu Jitsu‬ training camp in Phuket has seen an incredible 94% success rate for students graduating to Blue Belt.
A truly life changing experience. Students have the chance to drop all distractions & remove all excuses!‬
Training ‪BJJ‬ 2 times a day 6 days a week… No Work, No Stress & life on the ‪tropical island‬ ‪Paradise‬ of ‪‎Phuket.
The program is headed by 4th degree ‪Carlson Gracie‬ ‪‎Jiu Jitsu‬ ‪‎Black Belt‬ professor ‪‎Olavo Abreu‬ & assisted by fellow Brazilian black belt Professor Joao Paulo.
2 world class black belts coaching you twice a day through a structured 3 month training camp, designed to take students from white belt to blue belt.
The belt is not guaranteed, no belt ever should be… But if the program is followed we have achieved a 94% success rate of students gaining a blue belt.

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