Carlson Gracie Jnr seminar held at Phuket Top Team

Carlson Gracie Jnr seminar held at Phuket Top Team MMA and BJJ training camp in Phuket on February, 9th.
Knowledge direct from the fountain Carlson Gracie.
7 BlackBelt’s in attendance, 40 + students from around the world.
Amazing experience for everyone & an honor for PTT to host Carlson again!

5th Degree Black Belt Carlson Gracie Jr is the only son of one of the most revered names in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts Grand Master Carlson Gracie.
Grandson to the Founder of the Gracie Academy, the first Gracie to learn Jiu Jitsu: Grand Master Carlos Gracie.
Carlson Gracie Jnr has continued the legacy passed down from his father & his fathers father. A legacy of world class JiuJitsu that has proven successful in both BJJ competition & under MMA rules.



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