The O.G. Of Jiu Jitsu bringing the Old School flavor into modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Professor Olavo Abreu is a 4th degree BJJ black belt under the legend of old school Carlson Gracie.
Olavo forged his name under the legendary Carlson Gracie, learning the JiuJitsu that was dominantly proving itself in MMA.
Olavo Abreu later worked as a head coach at Brazilian Top Team Rio De Janeiro, where he worked with the likes of Rodrigo Nogueira, Almeida, Paulo Filho & many more.
Later spending 7 years building the ADCC AbuDhabi BJJ program – which went from 5 black belts to over 150 black belts! Making it the biggest BJJ program in the world.
This journey then led Olavo to Phuket, Thailand, & Phuket Top Team BJJ training camp in Phuket, where he has worked to grow the most successful JiuJitsu program in South East Asia…. Known as the home of BJJ in Thailand.
Prof. Olavo Abreu is a legend of the sport as both a competitor and as a coach.

🔹Brazilian Champion 1998
🔹Rio De Janeiro Champion 1999-2000
🔹1st Place International Champion 2000
🔹3rd Place Brazilian Champion 2000
🔹2nd Place Brazilian Champion 2001
🔹2nd Place World Champion 2004
🔹2nd Place World Champion 2005


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