Cris Cyborg’s UFC debut in Curitiba, Brazil

Cris Cyborg is finally set to make her UFC debut ‪on UFC 198‬ in Curitiba, Brazil.
15-1, undefeated in 10 Yr’s, Strikeforce Champion, Invicta Fighting Championships champion, P4P women’s MMA & an impressive 85%+ finishing ratio!
Cris has put in multiple solid training camps out here with ‪‎Phuket Top Team MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training camp‬ in Phuket, Thailand.

So impressive to see how much work Cris puts in to constantly improving.
Cris has worked her Muay Thai to new levels as well as always continuing to develop her BJJ, Submission / grappling, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing.
One of the hardest working fighters hands down & this weekend May 14th we will once again get to see the hard work pay off!

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